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Woodlam’s “Real-Wood” is special; it is a High Pressure Laminate (HPL) encapsulating real wood veneers in Phenolic impregnated Kraft papers and with a high resistance melamine surface, featuring and enhancing the real wood veneers. “YOU CAN’T ALTER NATURES BEST”

Woodlam’s “Real-Wood” laminate is and has been specified by Architects and Designers alike because it is a Premium Product for Prestigious Projects. It combines the natural beauty of wood veneers with the durability, ease of installation and low maintenance of a High Pressure Laminate (HPL). Contemporary or Classical we provide the quality. Where busy places must stay beautiful "Real-wood" HPL ticks all the boxes.

Woodlam’s “Real-Wood” laminate is manufactured in the UK under the watchful eye of UK management who make all pricing, production and delivery decisions instantly at Leyland. We offer shorter “guaranteed” lead times, a quality product and instant response to enquiries and requests.

“Real-Wood” by Woodlam is available in the following finishes: Silk, Matt, Grained, Relief, a light Gloss and unfinished to cater for staining and to create your own finish. Our veneers are crown book matched, but being a market focused business we can be flexible and offer matching to suit your needs.

Woodlam "Real-wood" comes in a vast range of species from Ash to Zebrano including all of the popular species such as Oak, Walnut and Maple and with the varied veneer slicing methods available the graining and colouration can alter and enhance the appearance of the panels. We also use up to the minute “Engineered / Reconstructed Woods” which can provide a remarkable consistency over a large project.

Woodlam also offer a full UK based technical backup and support and rapid response to sample requests.

As certain finishes are not suitable for all veneers or applications please call for technical advice on, and availability of your desired species and finish.

Chain of custody

Hotel roomWoodlam are proud to have full
FSC ® Certification and to be compliant with EUTR.

Sample species

Wooden tableOur product range is available to view online and free samples can be ordered too.

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At Woodlam we endeavour to offer our clients a friendly practical solution to their needs. We ‘live’ veneer and will go the extra mile to match sheets for colour and grain formation within the parameters of natural veneers.


All our veneers are carefully selected for quality. We keep our logs together to realise as many matching sheets as nature will allow. It is a natural product but with careful selection of the veneer, we are able to offer a matching service.


We always carry stocks of our standard product offer and when producing against customer orders, we will always keep the customer informed of the progress of their orders.


Please use the contact page to request your samples. Fill in all boxes, it will help us to help you. A5 samples, swatches and wall charts are available if it helps you to gain the contract. WE ARE HERE TO HELP.