Sheet sizes – 3050 x 1250mm
2500 x 1250mm
2150 x 950mm
Thickness – 1.00mm (nominal)
Finish – either with high resistance melamine overlay, or unfinished to allow for staining and finishing.

Other sizes available upon request

Products also available in Fire Rated (FR) and Post-forming (PF) Certificated and compact grade HPL laminate.

Care And Maintenance
Adhesives – Real Wood Laminate should be properly press bonded to the substrate using a rigid or semi-rigid adhesive such as UF or PVA.

Contact adhesives being elastomeric in nature and therefore weaker than rigid means special care is required. We recommend the type and method used is discussed with the adhesive manufacturer and their instructions carefully followed. Any adhesive smear should be removed with a damp cloth prior to curing.


Diagram shows structure of finished version

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